Everything You Needed to Know about Booking All Asia, But Were Afraid to Ask

Some of our shows are arranged by third party promoters like CNC Productions.  If you booked your show thorugh a promoter, please defer to them for information on promotion, confirming your show, equipment, etc.

1. Confirm Your Gig With Marc
You must bring a flyer and submit an email description of your act within 7-10 days of booking, or an advanced deposit. Gigs that are not confirmed will be re-opened, and "double booked." Don't show up the day of your supposed gig without confirmation and expect to get on stage. This will ruin the event for everybody involved. Also, listings on our online calendar only reflect confirmed gigs. By following our process and staying in contact with the club, you're insuring a successful event for all parties involved.

2. Promote Your Own Gig!
All Asia books space like a community theatre, so promotions are minimal. We try to return the maximum money to the artist. As a community theatre, you may see many different styles of entertainment, all in the same evening. Please be respectfull of other peoples' self-expression.

2A.  Cover Charge and booking policies:

$5 for guests over 21, $9 for underage guests, for all shows booked directly with All Asia, unless otherwise noted.

Shows booked through outside agencies, such as CNC & Keynote Productions. Booking, may have different pay structures,and you will have to confirm payouts, load-in times and equipment lists with them directly.  Sound engineering questions should also be directed to the person/agency that booked your show. 

3. Plan Out Your Time Slot!
Do not ask if you can start setting up 30 minutes before your slot, since others may be using the stage. Any pre-setup can be done only in the back. If you require a one hour setup time, and your slot is 90 minutes, you will have 30 minutes to play. Be efficient! If you require 20 minutes to break down, then your time play is now 10 minutes! Do not break down into the next person's time slot.

3A. If You Are Late
You will probably have to cut your time.

4. Load In Through the Side Door
While others are playing it is common courtesy not to disturb their performance. Don't load in too early, since there may not be space.

5. Use the Parking Lot at the University Hotel
The University Hot Parking Lot is directly behind All Asia. It only costs 5 dollars with validation for the first 3 hours. After 3 hours, regular rates go into effect. All Asia will not be held responsible for your lost vehicle! Getting towed from a private lot will cost you $100 and a ticket from the city costs $20 and up. In comparison, $5 is cheap cheap cheap!

6. No Outside Food or Drink
All Asia derives all its income from the sale of food and drinks. Without revenue, there would be no place for new bands and artists to play. The only food allowed is from our sister restaurant across the street, "The PuPu Hot Pot" Chinese Restaurant. Any "brown bag liquor" will result in immediate confiscation and possible event shut down.

6A. One Drink Minimum
All guests will be asked to purchase a beverage.

7. The Late Show is a 21+ Event
If you're staying, be prepared to show ID with proof of age. Valid ID includes Mass Drivers License or a passport. This includes all shows which run past 10:00 at night.

8. No Back Packs or Large Bags
Management reserves the right to search any bag coming into the premises, and may "hold it" for you until you leave. Some people think they can bring in their own booze, but we all know that is illegal in Cambridge!

9. No Moshing or Slamming Will Be Tolerated During Rock Shows
Show will be shut down by management if it feels there is a risk of loss or damage, with no refund to guests. The city of Cambridge has indicated that we are "a restaurant with an entertainment license." Aggressive dancing is not conducive to dining.

10. You Break, You Buy
Anyone caught breaking All Asia property or stealing will be held accountable for the replacement. Shows have also been stopped after such incidents. Often, the promoter will not be allowed back until the item is replaced.

11. All Asia has an on-call Sound Engineer
You will need to let the club know, in advance, if you will require one.  Sound engineer fee will range between $50 and $80, depending on the slot. Don't ask the bartender to help you with sound, if he is busy serving other customers.  

11A. All Asia has back-up mics, chords and stands, that can be used in conjunction with our sound engineer.
If you are running your own sound, we recommend that you bring your own mics, chords and stands, and plug into our board . We have an 8 channel yamaha system, two speakers and one monitor.

12 We Have A Bar Menu But No Waitstaff
Let your guests know that they will have to order all food and drinks at the bar. If you are nice to the bartenders, they may bring the food to your table. We are a "no-frills" establishment so don't ask the bartender "How come nobody's waiting on me?"

13. Bartender Takes a Cut of Whatever Food Gets Brought In Illegally

14. Restrooms are for Paying Guests Only
Tell your door person not to let in the bathroom users, because often-times it is a homeless person looking to take a shower in our sink. Once we had six rolls of toilet paper snagged by one of our "in-transit" friends.

14A. Don't Destroy the Bathrooms
Please respect the porcelain god. Graffiti, cigarette butts, puke (aim for the bowl), stickers and broken bottles are for the back seat of your car.

15. Don't Knock the Club that Books You!
"Due to the management's screwing up the schedule, I apologize on their pathetic behalf." If something goes wrong that is out of the management's hands, roll with it and don't convey panic to your guests. It's a small world in the club business, and promoters from different venues often share notes.

16. Try to Share Gear During Showcases
5 Drum Kits are Too Many for One Room!

17. Don't Get Drunk Before Your Show
Your actions will have a big impact on your guests' behavior, so you need to be semi-coherent while you're communicating with them. The city knows that people drink in that little parking lot, and they tie that in with All Asia. Performers caught with bottles of booze will have their gig pulled.

18. Anybody Can Get a Booking At All Asia
... Well, almost. Prime time slots are usually earned by merit (proven track record of sales), or by advance deposit. You will not be measured by artistic talent here. If you have a very large extended family, this may be the place for your first show! Don't forget to remind your guests that this is a full service restaurant and bar before they come.

19. The Styles Change as Often as Every Hour
Warn your guests that if they walk in early, they'll be walking in on someone else's show.

20. Turn Down the Volume!
If management tells you to reduce the volume, please do so. The neighbors can call the police if it gets too loud, so please respect the citywide noise ordinances.

21. Last Song, Wind Down!
The manager will let you know when time is running out by flashing a series of signs "10 minutes," "5 minutes" and "Last Song." Do not go into extended play during the last song. Last song usually means 2-3 minutes remaining. If you are in the middle of one, finish it. If not, you may play one more. Do not ask the audience if they would like more, because it is not their decision. If you feel you want an encore, wind down 10 minutes early and then do the encore!

If you still have further questions, feel free to contact Marc:

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